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About Baher

Honorable, Iconic Businessman and Pilot!

Baher AL-Damasy

Baher AL-Damasy

Businessman and Airline Pilot

BD Group

Business Investment and Business Development Organization

Baher AL-Damasy

Businessman and Airline Pilot

From Egypt to South Africa

The remarkable journey began in Egypt when the young Al-Damasy was exposed to his late father’s business skills, which inspired and drove his desire to venture into business management. Although his father was into real estate, Baher had always dreamt of joining the aviation industry and becoming a Commercial Pilot. He traveled from Egypt to South Africa where he completed his aviation studies and obtained an internationally accredited aviation license. At the age of 24, he gained himself the title of Chief Executive Officer in a flight academy accredited by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in South Africa.
His ambitious attitude toward growth led to the development of the Baher Al-Damasy Group of companies which have interests in business investments, business development as well as aviation training. His groundbreaking achievements obtained at such a tender age have made him of paramount success in both Egypt and South Africa as an entrepreneur.

Business Ventures

“it is never enough, there is more to success”- Baher Al-Damasy

Al-Damasy’s business pedigree is unrivalled, as his knowledge and expertise have birthed numerous subsidiaries of his own company such as Sphinx Hardware and Tiles, Ramses Construction, Cleopatra Hotel and Restaurant, Golden Horus Aviation Group, Ur Travelux, Dahab Real Estate, Egy-Auto Motor as well as Nefertari Group. He established a strong network of relationships in South Africa which has mapped his reputation in providing unique services to shareholders, partners, and clients. The group of companies has a large network of relations around Africa which are set to boost the economies of South Africa through enhanced exports and expansion in the global markets. The young businessman and pilot is an icon in the corporate world and one of the few individuals that are set to grow South Africa’s economy with Egyptian hands. Al Damasy effectively promotes the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy

Our Approach

The Baher Al-Damasy Group employs a very rare and unique method in approaching and developing business ideas from the seed to the overall strategy of building resources, hierarchical structures and risk management strategies. The BD group takes responsibility of a partners business shares and develops business ideas into real investments. The aim is to create an amicable partnership with business investors in several industries thereby helping them to grow. It has an unprecedented experience to study the feasibility of emerging markets and providing opportunities for investors to enter these markets, grow profits and manage potential risks. Thus, his companies will be a significant player in creating more job opportunities in different sectors of the market while providing exceptional investment opportunities for businessmen to serve the country.

Business strategy

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